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Tips for Job Seekers


Always remember we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about a job. You are always considered our employee and our job is to support you in your job search, so any issues should be discussed with us immediately.

Ensure your resume is concise, informative and laid out in order. Spelling and grammatical errors could negatively affect your chances for interview. We are happy to provide feedback on your resume if you are working on updating it or just need a second pair of eyes!

Make sure you are clear about what type of position and priorities are important to you in a new position. It helps us make the best match for a long and prosperous working relationship.

Once we have canvassed a position with you or set up an interview, we encourage you to research the client's website to educate yourself about the firm. We will always work to provide you with any additional information to assist you in your own preparations.

Work to be punctual and dress professionally when attending a job interview. Remember the value of first impressions and be friendly to front desk staff!

Give us feedback, positive or negative after an interview with a client. We will follow up with our clients to get interview feedback and work to keep you updated with the entire process.


Assignments can range from short term one day assignments to long term contract work. We canvass our assignments with registered candidates, please try to keep in touch about your availability.

We will follow with you once you have started an assignment to check in on how things are going.

If you are unable to continue an assignment or cannot complete a day of work due to illness or an emergency, call us immediately.

If an offer of employment is made by a client, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to satisfy both parties.

Always be punctual and dress professionally when on an assignment. Be sure to be positive in the workplace and take advantage of opportunities to learn new systems and from a variety of individuals.

Clients often make repeat requests for temps that work well within their firm and have previously made hiring decisions based on past temps.

If you are unsure about something in your assignment, ask questions. Remember that Eva Lee & Associates is always here to provide support and assistance in any situation that you are unsure of.

Contact us immediately if you are unable to fulfill your commitment to an assignment.